Tuesday, 5 August 2008

How you Bedouin?

Friday night WM and I went to Makro to buy a party tent because the weather forecast said it would rain, and on Saturday afternoon we were very glad that we’d done that! It only rained for about 20 minutes, but we were nice and dry under the tent, and the effect of the cushions with the tent (and later in the evening the added burning candles and lanterns) gave the whole garden a bit of a Moroccan Bedouin tent-idea; magic!

We had such an amazing, fun, wonderful party that I needed a few days to recover. The BBQ started on Saturday at 13.00 and lasted until Sunday morning 08.00! It was great to see so many of our lovely friends, and we ate, drank, danced and chatted the night away.

We took many
pictures with our new camera (yes, it finally arrived!), but I had to delete quite a few because of poor quality: we need to learn how to use the different settings. Trial and error will get us there in the end, so bear with me for the time being.

I’ve still not started on any real sewing projects yet, but my tracing paper did arrive with Esther’s parents, and WM and I thought we may actually keep the party tent in the garden to form an outdoor sewing room (I can set up the table tennis table and leave it there for me to work on whenever I want). The green stuff would probably die, but since there’s more weeds than grass in our little patch of green, maybe that’s a good thing…

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Esther said...

I love the piccies, will send your blog address to my parents at once!

For those who haven't seen Hanneke's pillow covers in real life, they are the best ever! I can vouch for that.